Consulting Services

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Why do you need a Restaurant Consultant?

A restaurant consultant offers research, design, planning, development, marketing and management of a new or existing establishment. Simple, right? While most ideas fit within these topics, consulting is still much more. I remember working with my first restaurant consultant as an operator. I was overwhelmed with daily duties which limited my ability to control costs, forecast profit and manage my time efficiently. We discussed challenges the business faced and goals we wanted to achieve. Working together to build stronger systems of time management and monitoring costs allowed us to focus on greater marketing strategies which led to increased profitability. We offer labor guidelines, inventory management and cost control work sheets to help build a proper working infrastructure that is easily managed. Whether you are in the planning stages of opening a restaurant, or refining an existing model to cater to the ever changing industry, let us build you a competitive proposal that specifically meets the needs of your business.


The restaurant business is a competitive, complex environment that requires many gears all operating together to form a cohesive unit.

I truly believe those gears are defined as these four elements: Food, Service, Atmosphere and Value. Whether you are describing the local taqueria or a Michelin starred fine dining restaurant, those same elements will define the success or failure of either concept. We will analyze the details of each element within the operation to ensure the company standards are meeting the guests’ expectations effectively and consistently. We offer programs designed specifically for service, bar or kitchen staff that includes training, implementation and follow up of customized procedures. If marketing ideas and conceptual identity are a focus, we provide extensive ideas for logo design, brand development, local and national public relation strategies.


Our mission is built on one belief. No Compromise.

We refuse to compromise the integrity of your business, your quality standards or your guests’ experience at any point during the process of improvement or change. We Listen. We work hard to build efficient cost control management systems to ensure consistent results and higher profitability. We train diligently and learn with the staff to convey the importance of communication within the team. We do not cut corners or settle with mediocre attempts at solving problems for our clients. Any business is simply a machine with parts, and adjusting those individual parts properly will bring greater success as a whole.


Where can I learn more about the Consulting Services?

Our team offers many different services that are customized to certain areas within your Food and Beverage Operation. We offer a Free Consultation to better assess your needs as a business owner or operator giving us better direction toward how to help. Open the Introduction Packet below for more information and visit our contact page to set up an appointment. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations as efficiently as possible.