Q&A with The Shack’s Ian Boden: On the Labor Shortage, Post-Pandemic Opening & The Future of Restaurants

Restaurants are reopening, and that’s a good thing. As diners, getting to eat in a restaurant again marks a milestone, a return to some version of pre-pandemic life. But restaurant owners are faced with a new challenge. After 16 months of constant pivoting to ensure safety for guests and diners, devising creative solutions to keep

Restaurant Revitalization Fund: Get Ready to Apply

There is good news for restaurants: relief is on the way. President Biden recently signed the Restaurant Revitalization Fund into law, a federal grant relief program that will award $28.6 billion in funds to help struggling independently owned restaurants and bars. The passing of this relief program marks a milestone in the Independent Restaurant Coalition (IRC)’s tireless

The Future of Dining Out

Aaron Deal is the founder of Deal & Associates Restaurant Consulting (DARC) in Roanoke, Virginia and a certified executive chef with more than 20 years’ experience in restaurant operations. A year after the COVID-19 pandemic first swept the world and decimated the U.S. restaurant industry, Deal shares his thoughts on the future of restaurants and how these